Content has become vital to the marketing world over recent years. The rise of social media has made it so that companies all over the world are constantly generating new and engaging content to share with their audiences. Of course, there are times when you might find yourself struggling to find something relevant to share with those who follow your company’s accounts. One great idea when you’re looking to invigorate your content marketing strategies is sharing infographics. This is a simple tactic that might be able to yield impressive results.

What Are Infographics?

Before you can start using infographics in your marketing campaigns, you need to understand what they actually are. Essentially, an infographic is a piece of media aimed at providing data to an audience in a way that is appealing visually. Your followers most likely are not interested in you sharing a bunch of numbers or other data you find intriguing. Instead of throwing figures at your audience, think about presenting the information in a way that is easy to comprehend and fun to look at. Studies have shown infographics can capture the attention of consumers in ways generic text doesn’t.

Be Truthful

While infographics are incredibly helpful to use in content marketing, you also need to stay mindful of the truth. The epidemic of fake news that has swept the internet in recent years has made a lot of consumers skeptical about what they read or share. Just because you have an infographic that looks cool does not mean it is enough to get your followers to pay attention. Whenever possible, include source links or explanations of data on a graphic. This small gesture can add credibility to all of the information you share in the future.

Get More Likes

Consumers may spend a lot of time on the internet these days, but that doesn’t mean they linger in one place for too long. In fact, someone who is on your social media account might not last for more than a few seconds if there’s nothing to hold the attention. Research has shown that infographics help to keep a visitor on your page for longer because the information being presented is easy to read and scan. The more infographics you share, the longer a consumer is likely to hang around on your page and maybe even become a customer.

There are many ways to incorporate infographics into your content marketing strategies. Work with a designer to create your first image and see what it can do for the future of your business.